The JATV Show is a podcast style online series that discusses, debates and promotes a range of topics in Scotland. Our first shows will be pre-recorded due to the Covid-19 lockdown, however, future shows will be live streamed and include phone ins, special guests and music from up and coming artists.

Episode 1 looks at the rise in support for the Black Lives Matter movement and includes contributions from people taking part in protests and, Human Right’s Lawyer, Aamer Anwar’s speech to the STUC’s Online Black Lives Matter Protest.

Episode 1 of our JATV Podcast Jamie speaks to two of Scotland’s leading Union Organisers and Worker’s right activists.

Bryan Simpson and Claire Peden have been at the forefront of supporting Workers throughout Scotland and have been involved in National and International campaigns against Multi-National companies who take advantage of workers.

During lockdown, as more and more employers fail to act to benefit their employees, the work of unions is needed even more.

Our second JATV Podcast discusses discrimination towards people with disabilities and health issues when attempting to enter shops without Facemasks, with BBC Scotland’s The Nine Show’s interview with Disability Law Centre’s Daniel Donaldson. We have a catch up with Professional Boxer, ‘The Untouchable’, Kash Farooq, and we also welcomed Comic book writer and film director, Etienne Kubwabo, to discuss the first issue of ‘Beats of War’.

JATV’s New Podcast ‘Amazing People, Incredible Stories’ aims to meet people from all walks of life and share their inspirational stories. There are no rules, but we want to build a platform for people to use to help promote them and the work they are doing. 

Episode 1 – We meet Elaine Cunningham, a fantastic woman, who has suffered the tragic loss of her beautiful daughter, Lauren, after an asthma attack at work led to cardiac arrest. Elaine has now been campaigning for ‘Lauren’s Law’ which aims to introduce emergency inhalers to the work place to stop this from happening to someone else. 

This is the first time we have met Elaine, but it will not be the last; her love for Lauren and her sheer determination has put her on course to create a legacy in honour of her daughter. 

Episode 2 – We speak to a real life Scottish Irn-Man, Ashim Burungu who suffered two back-to-back cardiac arrests in 2017, despite being in the greatest shape of his life and that didn’t stop him; he now spends his time training others and aims to improve people’s lives through health, well being and fitness. He speaks to us about playing for Drumchapel United as a teenager and how the support he got from coaches, helped springboard him towards a life of sport. He has also canoed around North-America as part of the Army Reserves. He has set up http://www.ABProtraining.com for those wishing to work with him.

You can sign the live petition at www.laurenslaw.co.uk 

Email [email protected] to be on future shows.