Antonine Boxing Club Home Show

Newarthill Boxing Club Home Show

Argo Boxing Home Show: Haje Hussein (North Glasgow) Vs Lewis Priest (Antonine)

Jacbobite Boxing Club Home Show

Mullen Promotions
More fights to follow

Lochee Boxing Club Home Show

We will have LIVE events scheduled in 2021

NEW – JATVLive Streaming
In 2021, we will work with clubs to live stream boxing events when possible. The cost of putting on events may dramatically increase due to COVID restrictions, so our plan is to generate additional income for clubs through either pay per view online ticket sales or sponsorship (either event sponsorship from companies, or club members raising sponsorship from friends and family).
Live Streaming an event has other costs associated with the platform we use to stream it. We are working at keeping this below 20% of ticket sales. Our standard £200 fee is on top of that cost, however, we are determined to make this work and will do all we can to support clubs with Streaming their boxing events. Email [email protected] for further details.