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JATV is available to hire for events, photoshoots, drone filming, website designing and more…

As we all begin our long road to recovery, we have had to look at ways to make JATV and our projects sustainable so we can continue. Below is a selections of the services we currently offer for freelance filming and photography work.



Afterlife Logo

When we pass away, our story doesn’t end. As our loved ones come to terms with loss and pain, they often wish for just one more special moment. JATV Afterlife gives you the opportunity to do that, on your terms. 

JATV Afterlife is a available at our  HOTSPOT  store (1195 Govan Road) in Glasgow. We provide the following services;

* Personal Scheduled Messages – You can pre-record a special message to be sent to your loved one(s) when you pass away, on a special occasion or anniversary. Imagine how you would feel to get one last special message from someone you love.

* Public Videos – We can Record, Create or Film a video to be shared with attendees at your funeral, memorial service, or grave stone. The video can feature yourself, or we can work with you to put together your story to be shared. We create a unique QR code, which gives the people you choose to view the video when you have decided is the right time. 

* Slide Shows and Life Celebrations – JATV Afterlife can be involved in live streaming memorial services, creating special photos slide shows or videos to celebrate someones life. This can be arranged by family members after the loss of a loved one. We can make this video available for sharing, or private link for only loved ones to view.

* Digitise your life – Keep your memories forever by creating digital scans of photos that you can share with friends and family. We can put these on a cloud storage service, USB Memory Device or Memory Card. We can also store your photos and videos safely if you wish. 

JATVRaw Boxing Event Filming & Photos

JATVRaw Filming

Our Team will film, record and publish your boxing event on our Facebook Channel, Websites and Youtube Channel. We charge a standard fee of £200 for Amateur Clubs or £400 for SemiPro/Professional Events, which covers the cost of expenses, equipment, editing, publishing and providing copies to your boxers and their families. Many clubs offset the fee against sponsorship, which we would encourage and can include logos or sponsor videos in all the content. This fee may increase if additional photographers are required. 

NEW – JATVLive Streaming

In 2021, we will work with clubs to introduce live stream boxing events when possible. The cost of putting on events may dramatically increase due to COVID restrictions, so our plan is to generate additional income for clubs through either pay per view online ticket sales or sponsorship (either event sponsorship from companies, or club members raising sponsorship from friends and family).

Live Streaming an event has other costs associated with the platform we use to stream it. We are working at keeping this below 20% of ticket sales. Our standard fees are on top of that cost, however, we are determined to make this work and will do all we can to support clubs with Streaming their boxing events. Email [email protected] for further details or book now by clicking the button below. 

Boxing Tournaments

Contact us directly for tournament filming before the tournament and we will attempt to record your fight. Parents and/or coaches can also request this beforehand. We charge a fee of £20 per day per person for their fight videos. We do require permission from the tournament hosts and both participants must agree before the fight can be published online. We are happy to work with all clubs, with the exception of one, so unfortunately, if the fight involves their coaches or members, we cannot, under any circumstances record it. This will be discussed prior to any fees being paid. If, for whatever reason, we cannot film a booked fights, we will refund any fees. JATV will attempt to keep to all commitments, but will not take responsibility for any matters that prevent us from filming.

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JATV and Kelvin Design UK (our media partners) offer Professional Photoshoots and Promotional Films on location or in our studio at Glasgow City Centre.

We offer sports person shoots, wedding photos, new born photos, family portraits, model and actor portraits, animal shoots and more.

We can also create and arrange printing of posters, fliers, or advertisements. 

We can create a customer package that includes more than one service, so if you are planning an event,. for example, we can photograph and design invitations and then photograph and film the event. 

Email [email protected] for a quote

Event Photography and Filming

JATV’s Event Photography and Filming Team is here to cover all your event needs.

With custom packages available, we offer; Photography, Highlight Reels, Event Filming, Live Streaming, Interviewing and Parties, (including Weddings, Christening, Birthday parties and Religious Celebrations).

JATV is determined to take the pressure off you, by doing all we can to make sure your guests leave with cherished memories that they can keep forever. 

Video Recording
JATV can create a custom package for video recoridng.
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Corporate Events
We can cover all your Corporate needs with custom packages to suit you.
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Private Events
Our Party Shots team are perfect for covering small and large events with photos and video recording.
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We can photograph and video parties, education events, celebrations and wedding parties.
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Drone Filming - Glasgow Air

‘Glasgow Air’ is JATV’s Drone Pilot Team and we are now pleased to offer private filming from the Air. 

We currently are working on projects including; indoor filming, heritage sites, golf courses and promotional films. 

Have a look at some of our recent videos and get in touch for a quote.

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JATV Sounds

JATV Sounds is in development and will offer Music Video Filming, Live Lounge opportunities, Music Development and Recording and Gig Filming and Streaming.

We will also work with others to develop training and learning opportunities for future talent. 

JATV Sounds will launch in Summer 2021, so keep an eye out!

Get in touch to discuss a quote, or if you want to be part of our JATV Live Lounge for FREE, let us know.

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Website and Logo Design

JATV, along with our Media Partners at kelvindesign.co.uk, are experienced Website designers and Logo Creators.

We offer competitively priced Website Design, Hosting, Logo making , posters and more.

Kelvin Design also offer a whole range of solutions for marketing and promotions. 

We can work with you to give you the tools to promote and grow your business. 

Email [email protected] for a quote

Podcast Filming, Streaming and Editing

JATV’s Podcast Team are now available to assist individuals and organisations with Filming, Streaming and Editing their own Podcasts; either in our studio, or at a location of their choice. 

We offer great rates and provide on the job training so your independence grows. We can also facilitate discussions or debates and will give you tips on the best equipment and software to use in future. 

We can provide you with all audio and visual files, along with the finished edited file and can upload it for you, or help you do so yourself. Speak to us about your ideas and we will work together to make it happen!

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