Your memories, forever...

When we pass away, our story doesn’t end. As our loved ones come to terms with loss and pain, they often wish for just one more special moment. JATV Afterlife gives you the opportunity to do that, on your terms. 

JATV Afterlife is a available at our HOTSPOT  store (1195 Govan Road) in Glasgow. We provide the following services;

* Personal Scheduled Messages – You can pre-record a special message to be sent to your loved one(s) when you pass away, on a special occasion or anniversary. Imagine how you would feel to get one last special message from someone you love.

* Public Videos – We can Record, Create or Film a video to be shared with attendees at your funeral, memorial service, or grave stone. The video can feature yourself, or we can work with you to put together your story to be shared. We create a unique QR code, which gives the people you choose to view the video when you have decided is the right time. 

* Slide Shows and Life Celebrations – JATV Afterlife can be involved in live streaming memorial services, creating special photos slide shows or videos to celebrate someone’s life. This can be arranged by family members after the loss of a loved one. We can make this video available for sharing, or private link for only loved ones to view.

* Digitise your life – Keep your memories forever by creating digital scans of photos that you can share with friends and family. We can put these on a cloud storage service, USB Memory Device or Memory Card. We can also store your photos and videos safely if you wish.