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We are moving in the right direction and have so many projects springing up and cannot wait to share these with you.

I am always open to working with people, new ideas and projects, so please get in touch with me directly if you want to come on any of our shows, or team up or work with us!”

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The Scottish Boxing Podcast

Gloves Red and JATV Raw have joined forces to create a new podcast that will discuss, debate and explore all aspects of Scottish Boxing. Rather than focus on solely Amateur/Olympic-Style Boxing, or only Professional Boxing, we have decided to share our knowledge, experience and wisdom to put out a fresh, regular podcast to promote Boxing in Scotland. 

Presenters; Craig Cameron (Gloves Red), Jamie Sokolowski (Gloves Red) and Jamie O’Neill (JATV Raw).

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All JATVRaw Friday Night Boxing episodes are available here - https://jatvraw.com/series

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We started JATV in the Summer of 2017 to share videos and funny posts on Facebok, since then, it has grown arms and legs and we still grow with new ideas and projects.
JATVRaw started in April 2019 and promotes Boxing in Scotland. We have had a massive amount of support from Boxers, Fans, Coaches, Promoters, Referees, Sponsors, Judges and Ring Announcers. We have a weekly ‘Friday Night Boxing’ Show every Friday at 7pm and are working on plans to Live Stream home shows and competitions in future with JATV Live.
JATV Sounds is a new show we wish to Live Stream on the JATV Channel that will promote musicians and singers each week.
The JATV Show is a regular show that covers issues affecting people in Scotland.
Boxing 24/7 is a boxing promotional page that runs independently from JATV & JATVRaw, but has our support to grow and assists us and boxing gyms with promotional videos.
You can Support our work by Sponsoring our shows or our website through advertising. Or support us through GoFundMe, Visit  www.gofundme.com/f/JATV-raw for full details.
JATVRaw Disclaimer: JATV, JATV Scotland and JATVRaw do not represent any Olympic-Style, Semi-Pro or Professional Boxing clubs or official bodies . Any views, comments, posts or opinions shared, do not necessarily represent the views, comments or opinions of JATV Scotland. Furthermore, any views, comments, posts or opinions of anyone who features in our videos, do not, necessarily, represent the organisation, club or body the person may be affiliated to. Unless explicitly stated; no posts, comments, views or statements represent any organisation, club or person. JATV Scotland reserves the right to remove any comments or posts it deems unsuitable, aggressive or against our policies, without prior notice or explanation. Contact [email protected]  should you have any concerns or queries regarding any of our content or posts.

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